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About Us


Equip Children with easy to use, entertaining and current & up to date Learning tools, making learning fun and inviting; thus enlarging their understanding and growing up a knowledgable and empowered young adult for a global village.



To see a world of children and young adults who strive for excellence in creative expression in all fields of learning, building responsible competitive enterprise and businesses; seeking effective ways to live a satisfying life and understanding today's world and its' challenges.



ZeeHaaa is the publishing department for children's literature of kornzepx,it's most renowned as far as children learning tools are concerned.

The ZeeHaaa team is into publishing a vast variety of publications such as Magazines, Story Books, Textbooks, Reference Books and Educational Charts.

Children are in love with our publications; month after month waiting impatiently for the new issue of our monthly magazine.

Colourful illustrations fully synchronising with easy-to-understand subject matter is an outstanding feature of each ZeeHaaa material. Furthermore, every material is such prepared as to make children self-taught.

All sorts of books catering for the needs and interests of children are published by us.

The authors of these books are experienced teachers, educationists who have devoted and dedicated themselves to the service of children by producing the best literature for them.

Children, parents, teachers as well as principals love to read our Educational materials.

Children, in particular, enjoy reading our books as they enjoy their toys and surf the educational and exciting content of the ZeeHaaa website.

Slogan: Heheheee; it'z infotainment tym u know!

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