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A Rainy Eve

written by Larry (Mt.Olivet School ( dansoman )) on 30th July 2009

Just peak outside your window what Nature you could see
With grey purple dark clouds, a rainy eve, a rainy eve.

With cold breeze and fluttering leaves
Birds singing tress ballet on a pleasant rainy eve

People of all era are on their way to enjoy the rainy eve
What pleasure they get when they flick through the scene of that eve

Sounds of rainy droplets and the quick fragrance of sand
A calm and rain noisy atmosphere on every stand

Washed roads, twinkling flowers and a shinning twilight time, 
When I remember those rainy days they flash back the memories of my olden times.

These days gives us joys, delight and happiness of life, 
Enjoy those days people because time passes not knowing your life.

It comes only once a year to enjoy that quixotic eve 
It gives us cheers and I will never forget my times of The Rainy Eve

Forget all your worries, happily enjoy the rainy eve, 
Play with excitement and May graciousness surrounds you one perfect Rainy Eve 

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