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written by Larry (Ave Maria School ( dansoman )) on 30th July 2009

Good people, superior will be the world if there is Peace
Generations love to live in a place if there is Peace

A Country could serve people abundantly where there is Peace
Country people have to sacrifice if they want the flowers of Peace

We have the ability to maintain the stability of Peace
But why do people find instability of Peace

So many questions arouse about the topic Peace…! 
It is not the Peace to blame; but we are hopeless that we have created a hesitant about Peace…! 

An atmosphere of suspicion has been created to destroy Peace 
To bring allegiance and loyalty to our heartless hearts is only Peace

People are parting Peace and do not want it to be a part of our life? 
Because people are uproar and do not want it to be a part of our life! 

Why our goals have been complicated and hard to achieve? 
Because we always ignore and do not following the noble example of Peace! 

Oh Allah! Forgive our sins and flourish the flowers of Peace…! 
We are offenders and do not know the great importance of Peace…!

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