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written by Kofi (Prempeh J.S.S ( kumasi )) on 30th July 2009

An occupation of worthiness, 
An occupation of respect. 

Teacher, a person who tells us everything 
A student who wants to learn with him, everything

He knows very well about our future, 
We could succeed if we have a devoted teacher, 

We try to hide the dreadful things which we come across, 
But the teacher knows everything, what is the matter all a propos…

He has a loving heart, and pardons us whatever we do. 
So kind he is, and tell all the important what we are about to do.

Students try to touchier the teacher, and think we could get away, 
A teacher is our parent, and is the key of heavens gate…! 

I disgraced my teacher, so sorry what I did to him
Please forgive me, as a student I can’t study without him!

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